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Article references from the sectoral, economic and financial French press
Publisher : Indexpresse
Language : French

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  • Article references from French specialized journals such as LSA, Points de vente, Journal du Textile, L’Usine nouvelle, Challenge, Stratégies, Marketing Magazine, Logistiques magazine, Emballages magazine...

  • Monthly resource kits on current topics or company profiles (ex : Absenteeism in the workplace, Social networks, Skis Rossignol: company profile, etc.). Find it in the menu on the left: "Consulter nos Dossiers"​

Search tips

Don't forget to use the Delphes keywords: click on “voir les sujets” in the search field “Sujets (mots-clés Delphes)”.

Article printing

Most of articles available thanks to ESSEC journals' subscription are printable directly from Delphes by clicking on "imprimer l'article", then you may validate the printing from MyPool space which link is located on the tool section of Delphes interface ("imprimer mes articles (MyPool)").
Note that this function is not available on MAC computers.

Data export

Select references then click on “Enregistrer la sélection” to save them.

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