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Our services


To which services do I have access to?

The Learning Center isn’t only about document loans, it offers other services (detailed in the questions below). You may find the services you are entitled to on the services page.


I need help for information search, what can I do?

Among all the services offered by the Learning Center, there is the Research help. It is designed for students in initial education, lifelong training participants, permanent Faculty and staff. You can reach us through email, phone, chat and of course at the reference desk. Check out the Research help page for more information.


What is the self-checking system for?

This system allows you to borrow and return document autonomously. You can also renew a loan and check you reader account.


How do I book a teamwork room at the Learning Center ?

Group working spaces are available at the Learning Center. You can reserve them anytime on Affluences


How do I print?

The printers are linked to a common server. There are two ways to print:

  • email with your file attached
  • print from one of the computers available at ESSEC (print-roaming on should be the default printer. If it’s not, find it in the printer list)

​Use your student ID to log into the printer and launch the printing from the list under the “Papercut” menu.

There are two ways you can top up your printing account (which is separate from the cafeteria account) :

  • use your credit card on “Print Apps”, the green icon papercut.pngwhich you’ll find below the IT support link,  on the left hand part or your MyESSEC portal
  • buy a prepaid card at the Eyrolles bookstore in the great hall and redeem it on “Print Apps”

You’ll find a printer in room B07 near the Learning Center’s entrance, and more are available on the campus (in the Galion and the Grand Hall).
If you need assistance, you can contact the IT support by email or call them at  01 34 43 32 00.

Prices in units (1,00€ = 100 units)

Size Single-side Grey Single-side color two-side grey Two-side color
A4 7 15 12 15
A3 14 30 25 30


Are there computers at the Learning Center?

Yes, there are 15 computers spread out in the Learning Center and in the teamwork rooms. Use your B00 to log on.


I’m on the Singapore Campus, what services do I have access to?

You’ll find all the specificities about Singapore Campus on the dedicated page.


I’m not from ESSEC, can i use the Learning Center’s services?

Of course! Find out about the services you can have access to on the dedicated page.




How many documents can I borrow and for how long?

The loan conditions differ according to your profile and the type of documents you want to borrow. Find out all about your specific loan conditions on this page.


Where can I search for a document and know if it’s available?

Use our catalogue Chloé to look up for documents by title, subjects or author. Click it to know if it’s available. If it is loaned, you can reserve it.

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How can I find the documents from my course bibliography?

In the advanced search on our catalogue Chloé, use the “course code” field: you’ll find the course code on your agenda on MyESSEC, and don’t forget to insert a space between the 4 letters and 5 figures! (ex : FING 21021)


I’m looking for a book that is available according to the catalogue Chloé, but I can’t find it on the shelves...

It can be misplaced, on the carts or being used by someone in the Learning Center. Come and ask us at the information desk, we will help you find it!


The book I need isn’t at the Learning Center, can I suggest you buy it?

Of course! Whether you be a student, a teacher or part of the staff, you can send us suggestions:

  • either on our website
  • or at the Learning Center, in the suggestions notebook on the information desk


Is it possible to borrow any Learning Center document?

The great majority of our documents can be borrowed, but there are a few exceptions:

  • books with a “no loan” label,
  • newspapers
  • thesis and dissertation

Those documents are only available on the premises.
Note that for reviews and magazines, the latest issue is only available on the premises too.

These pieces of information can be found in the catalogue Chloé.


How can I reserve a document?

It happens sometimes that the document you wish to get has already been borrowed by someone else. Then, you can reserve the document through the catalogue Chloé by clicking on the “reserve” button. When several copies of one reference are available, we advise you to select them all. You will be notified by email once the book has been returned. Extra reservations made for other copies are automatically erased.


What is the reader account for and how do I access it?

The reader account allows the user to check his/her loans and reservations. Besides, loan renewal and reservation cancellation are managed through the reader account.

You can access your reader account from:


What should I do if I’m late to return a document?

If you know in advance that you will be late in returning a document, you may anticipate and renew the loan on your reader account. You receive a reminder when the deadline is exceeded. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to sort your situation out!

More than 12 days of delay will cause a blockage of your MyESSEC portal.


The online resources


What is an online resource?

An online resource is a database that gives you access to a structured set of information. Each resource usually gives you access to a single type of information : review articles, market studies, financial data, etc… So you have to pick which resource to use according to the type of information you need.


Where are the online resources?

They are accessible through our website.


How do I know which online resource I should use?

We have about 60 resources. To specify your needs:

  • use the filters on the left side of the screen when you are on the resource webpage.
  • read our highlight on this topic.
  • come and meet us at the research help desk.


Can I access the online resources from outside the campus?

Most of the resources are accessible by everyone from everywhere, but there are a few exceptions, such as the financial databases, which are only accessible from the 3 ESSEC campuses.

Students, executive participants in degree programs and the faculty have access to all the online resources from outside the campus.

You can find all information on each resource’s description page.


Is it possible to search information on all our online resources at once?

The Learning center does not have any meta engine which would look into all the resources in one shot. However, Google Scholar Inside combines results from some of our academic resources.


How do I know if the Learning Center has a subscription for a specific review that I am looking for?

Journals AtoZ is the Learning Center catalogue for journals and reviews. It allows the user to know if a reference is available (existing subscription or not, available on paper version or online, on which database, etc.). For more information on this topic, you can read our highlight.