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Financial and macroeconomic data with 60 years of history
Publisher : Thomson Reuters
Language : English

  • Students/Executive participants
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Ph.D
  • Alumni
  • External Lecturers

Access in room B22 at the Learning Center

Use of the data is authorized for personal use in an academic context only.

  • Time series: historical instruments and indicators with coverage for 175 countries in 60 global markets

  • Real-time Market Data: equities, foreign exchanges, interest rates, commodities, and derivatives

  • Macroeconomic data

  • Company accounts

Specific features

Datastream is available at the Learning Center on a single computer in room B22. 

You can reserve it on Affluences.

Search Tips

Use the Excel Datastream Add-in to build complex reports directly in Microsoft Excel®.

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