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How to find... - Friday 07 November 2014

Finding market and brand shares with MarketLine

Finding market and brand shares in a given country or region is essential when you're working on a sector.

Marketline Advantage provides a quick and easy access to that kind of data in its Market Data Analytics database.

Here's how you can find shares:

  • On MarketLine's homepage, click on "Databases" then "Market Data Analytics":



  • In the search tree, tick your sector of interest, then the country or region, then click on "View results":



  • Your results are displayed in a spreadsheet, showing market value for the chosen location with a history of several years. You can change the data type by clicking on "Data selection" in the "Refine search" zone, then "Company Shares" or "Brand Shares":



All data can be downloaded to Excel.

Other types of data include market by volume, by distribution channel ("Distribution"), and by consumer age groups ("Consumer graphics", availability depends on sectors).

Standard MarketLine reports (PDF) do NOT include this data: this is why Market Data Analytics is an essentiel resource!


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