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New business cases published by ESSEC professors

ESSEC professors Sofia Ramos et Adrian Zicari, have published 2 new business cases, which you can find on the Case Centre :

In the investment industry is common to differentiate between passive or active approaches. This dichotomic view has been challenged with smart beta funds that combine elements of both approaches. Therefore, the emergence of smart beta funds provides an opportunity to discuss core concepts in the investments field. The case introduces smart beta funds and its rationale. Moreover, it describes the several types of smart beta funds, their advantages and risks for investors. The case should lead students to think about the innovation brought by the concept of smart beta funds, if it is a new form of passive indexing or just a reshuffle of active management.

A leading luxury retail firm in France struggles with the definition of its strategy. During the end-of-year Board meeting, each of the managers proposes a different choice for a strategy. While all those possibilities are sound, it is clear that they cannot be pursued at the same time. Consequently, the company has to make a decision. After having listened to all senior managers, the CEO invites managers to come up with a Strategy Map and the consequent Balanced Scorecard. By this doing, the Board is now able to explore each of the different paths, and make a more substantiated decision on the company's strategy. The case illustrates the use of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for crafting a company strategy, particularly in the context of different viewpoints among managers.

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