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iMagination Week Global BBA 2018



From 27 to 31 August, iMagination Week will once again welcome the 400 3rd year students of the Global BBA.

These 5 days will allow them to take height with conferences of experts of arts and sciences, who will be able to inspire them, stimulate their imagination and perhaps shake up the received ideas. 

In parallel, it will also be an opportunity for them to apply creativity methods directly and to work as a team around the following theme: Your role as a citizen at the centre of new technologies.

The iMagination Week, under the patronage of Antoine Lemarchand, CEO at Nature & Découvertes will welcome many strong personalities with unique backgrounds who will share their experiences with students.


The Learning Center selected for you some documents about the topics that will be discussed this week. The selection will be displayed at the Learning Center, and of course you can borrow any document you like!


You can also take a look at our journals and magazines, online or print, and at our ebooks!

And of course, the reference desk is always here to help you with your project. Feel free to ask us for personalised advice: which resources are best to find a specific type of information, how to chose keywords, how to know if a source is reliable and how to cite it… We have the answer to all of these questions and much more! You can also contact us through email, phone or chat.

The program and information about iMagination Week will be available on:

logo_facebook_0.png  @ESSECimagination and  twitter_logo_0.png @iMaginationCtr (#iWeek)