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New ESSEC MOOC: "Leadership d'excellence par le sport de haut niveau"

The ESSEC MOOC “Leadership d’Excellence par le Sport de Haut Niveau” offers a brand new look at leadership. It defines leadership through the testimonies of top athletes (Michaël Jeremiasz, Florence Masnada, Sarah Ourahmoune, Florian Rousseau, Lilian Thuram) with analyses by Guy Ontanon (national coach for relays and sprint). 

Five components of leadership emerge from the experience of these great athletes (Finding words and knowing how to translate - Organizing the short term for the long term - Seeking explosiveness - Combining and taking risks - Developing trust). Jean-Marie Peretti and David Autissier, directors of the ESSEC Chair of Change Management and ESSEC IMEO connect these five components to theories and tools of leadership.

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