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Ph.D. and doctorate dissertations

Essec Ph.D. & doctorate dissertations
Publisher : ESSEC Business School
Language : English - French

  • Students/Executive participants
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Ph.D
  • External Lecturers (campus only)
  • Alumni (campus only)
  • External Users (campus only)

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  • All theses defended by ESSEC Ph.D. candidates in electronic or print format

  • Topics of ESSEC Ph.D. studies:

    • Accounting & Auditing

    • Economics

    • Finance

    • Management

    • Marketing

    • Operations management & decision sciences


Specific features

In order to search only for the doctorate and Ph.D. dissertations in catalogue Chloé, type the phrase "PhD Program" and/or "Programme Doctoral" in the advanced search field "Author".


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