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Full text of more than 35 000 sources in 26 languages from 200 countries
Publisher : Dow Jones
Language : English - French

  • Students/Executive participants
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Ph.D
  • External Lecturers (campus only)

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  • More than 900 newswires including 600 updated continuously

  • Newspapers and their archives: Les Echos, Le Figaro, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, South China Morning Post...

  • General news magazines: L'Express, Le Point, The Economist...

  • Specialized and professional publications: LSA, Points de vente...

  • Information on public and private companies, industries and leaders, indices and quotations


Specific features

Use of Factiva is authorized for personal use in an academic context only. The use for commercial purposes - including students' internships and alumni's research - is strictly prohibited according to ESSEC's academic license terms.


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