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Full text e-books selected by the Learning Center
Publisher : Dawson
Language : English - French

  • Students/Executive participants
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Ph.D
  • External Lecturers (campus only)
  • Alumni (campus only)
  • External Users (campus only)

Browser compatibility

We don't have access to all the ebooks in the ressource, but only those we bought
You can suggest us to buy some: see in specific features

  • Books about management
  • E-books can be read online with various options: annotations, copy/paste, printing
  • Offline reading (download option) is possible but does not allow annotations, copy/paste, printing
  • Checkout period (with download option): from 1 to 7 days

How to use it

Special features

  • Install Adobe® Digital Editions (free software) to read the ebooks offline
  • To search:
    • Basic research: research on the full catalogue
    • Advanced research : research on books owned by the Learning Center
  • Possibility to suggest purchases to the Learning Center with the fill available on the e-book view

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