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How do I... - Monday 04 May 2015

How to find a specific article? Think Journals AtoZ!

When searching for full text of an article, located in Delphes, or in a bibliography for instance, you have to know if it is available at the Learning Center, and if so, in what form:

  • in paper version, through a review or magazine available in the periodicals area

  • in electronic version downloadable from one of our databases

  • in electronic version downloadable from the website of the magazine

To obtain this information, consult journalsAtoZ.

As an example, let’s imagine you are looking for the following article:

Seeding Strategies for Viral Marketing: An Empirical Comparison, By: Hinz, Oliver; Skiera, Bernd...

It can be found in the Vol 75, issue 6 from Nov 2011 of the academic review Journal of marketing

Once connected to JournalsAtoZ, type the name of the review, and refer to the right title in the results list.


You can then see there that the review is accessible:

  • in paper version from 1955 to now (“catalogue Chloé print version”) available at the periodicals area,

  • in electronic version through Business Source Complete, from 1936 to now and through JSTOR from 1936 to 2009.

The simplest and fastest solution is to get an electronic version. The article being from 2011, it excludes JSTOR.

So click on Business Source Complete link.

You land on the page of the review, in Business Source Complete. You simply have to browse the issues classified by years, volumes and issues on the right of the screen.


You can obtain the list of articles of the issue and then simply have to download the article in PDF.


Access to electronic articles through other databases (JSTOR, Emerald etc.) is via the same way. However there is an exception: Factiva.

With Factiva you don’t obtain the tree with the available issues, but a list including all the articles of the searched review available in Factiva. In this state, the data is unusable.

So how can you obtain the article in Factiva?

Once in Factiva, after a review search in JournalsAtoZ, you have to filter the list you obtained, by supplementing the request:

  • click on “modify search” in the top right of the screen

  • in the free text zone, after the pre-existing request (for example, rst=name of the review) add the operator AND followed by words contained in the title

  • modify the date if necessary

Please see below a search on ab article entitled "Walmart vs Amazon prime" in the review "Advertising age"



Accessing articles through the website of the review

For some reviews, articles can also be accessed directly from the website of the review.

The mention login.png beside the name of the review in JournalsAtoZ indicates when this kind of access is possible.

Click on it, note the login and password indicated, then enter them on the review website (which is indicated beside it).

Warning: online access through review websites is uncertain, and depending on the specific review. It shoud be tested on a case by case basis.


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