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How to find... - Tuesday 08 December 2015

How to find information about a business sector?


When you are looking for information about French or International markets, market report resources like Xerfi Knowledge 
and MarketLine are very useful. However, they do not provide users with information for each and every business sector.

Information search should then be completed thanks to professional and sectoral press.
Here are some keys to find your way around:

1.    Market reports

ESSEC Learning Center gives you access to several market report resources:


MarketLine Advantage                             

MarketLine Advantage is available in English only. This very thorough resource provides you with different types 
of information such as:

·         National, regional and global market reports (France is included)

·         International company profiles

·         Country profiles (PESTLE analyses)

·         Case studies on companies

MarketLine also provides you with:

·         Country statistics (through the database named Country statistics)

·         Information on mergers and acquisitions (through the database named Financial deals tracker)

·         Company and brand shares (through Market Data Analytics) - see our highlight on this topic

MarketLine studies and reports can be downloaded and printed without restriction.



Xerfi Knowledge

Access Xerfi Knowledge to find:

-       Reports about French market

-       Studies on major French firms quoted in CAC 40

-       Around sixty global studies (world). To find them, type your search criteria in English in Xerfi’s search engine as
these studies are in English, as opposed to studies about France which are in French.


You can download Xerfi studies but not print them.

It happens that users come and ask for a study found directly on Xerfi website and not accessible through the Learning
Center website. This is because we subscribed to a specific collection and not to every service provided by Xerfi on
their commercial website. In this situation, we are not able to provide you with this study.


Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete allows you to access International market studies. Some are MarketLine reports that
we already mentioned but other studies from renowned publishers such as Business Monitor, Economist Intelligence Unit
or Barnes are available.  

Here’s the trick: enter a keyword and a country (ex: packaging and China) then select “Industry profile” in the “Publication
type” menu.




Les Echos Etudes

Some studies from les Echos are available through the Learning Center Chloe catalogue. These studies mainly cover the French market, but it also give access to few European and World studies. 

Studies are in French.


2 - Professional and sectoral press

Finding articles from the professional and sectoral press is a valuable addition to market reports. 
This brings a new perspective and updated pieces of information.

The French market: Delphes

If you are interested in the French Market, the key resource to check is Delphes.

Delphes indexes most of economical and sectoral press articles, from Option Finance or Usine Nouvelle to Logistique
Magazine or Lettre des Achats among others.

Note that only abstracts are available for most articles.

To find the full text of an article, you may look up for it in the paper magazine or review (located in the News stand,
Learning Center ground floor). Indeed, Delphes search results matches our subscriptions.

If you want to check if an electronic version of an article is available through another resource or website, you may search
it in Journals AtoZ, our catalogue for reviews, newspaper or magazine and enquire by the name of the reference you are
interested in. For a thorough presentation of Journals AtoZ, read our highlight on this topic!

International markets: Factiva and Business Source Complete


Factiva is often used to search the news. Nevertheless, it can be very interesting to check sectoral information as it
includes many professional references from many different countries (France included).

In view of the large source variety, it is not always easy to find relevant results when looking for a specific business sector,
relevant articles could be hidden somewhere among hundreds of results.

To be more efficient, you may use all available options in the advanced research fields.

For instance, target economic sectors through the following field:



Use the “Source” field by selecting sources according to industries. This will reduce sharply the number of irrelevant results.



Factiva gives access to Euromonitor Sector Capsule which is not a press reference but provides users with little factsheets
describing a market, its volume, main companies, main brands, key figures and market share chart.

It is not as thorough as a regular market report, but it can be a valuable addition to your research.

To find those sheets in Factiva, type you research in the free text field (key word + targeted country: for instance Germany
and Food) and select Euromonitor Sector Capsules in the source field.



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