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How to find... - Saturday 26 April 2014

An easy way to read the daily international press: Factiva’s News Pages


You probably have used Factiva before for an article search on a topical subject. But did you know you could also use it to read the daily international press, without having to run a search?



Factiva’s News Pages are here for that! Just click on the News Pages menu header to go to the online newsstand.


By default the News Pages are set up on the French daily press but you can choose other regions or countries from the drop-down menu on the left of the page.
Each newspaper displays the front page articles. Just click on their titles to access the full-text article. Of course you can then save the article in PDF or other formats.
Use the newspaper’s drop-down menus to see the other sections or switch to a previous date.


The drop-down menu on the left lists themes as well as countries: use it to get in a instant a picture of what’s going on in the energy or IT sector for example.


Factiva’s News Pages are a great way to follow current events online without paywalls or other restrictions. And they are also available on mobile devices!


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