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Our thematic selections - Monday 13 June 2016

Health industries

The Learning Centre introduces you to helpful resources to be better trained and informed on Health industries.







Tip: use Google Scholar Inside to cross-check your topic, you may find articles from other databases.

Examples of academic journals:

Health policy 

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Our thematic selections - Tuesday 02 April 2013

Sustainable development and CSR



The Learning Center selected resources for you to learn more on the subject.


Have a look at some of the online journals and books available on site:


Développement durable et territoires

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Cities and Society

Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions

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Our thematic selections - Wednesday 13 February 2013

Thinking about expatriation?

Find information on countries!


Looking to move to another country?
Want to open an agency abroad?
Better look for some information beforehand!



At the Learning Center you will find:

  • Books on every country’s economy in section II 200 (look for them in catalogue Chloé or in our book selection)

  • The resource Going Global: career guides, professional networks, resume writing, practical and cultural information

  • “Country Reports” by Datamonitor, Global Insights, Country Intelligence on Business Source Complete

  • "Country Analysis Reports" (including PEST and PESTLE analyses) and "Country Statistics"...

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