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How to find... - Tuesday 06 November 2018

Royalty-free pictures and videos






This highlight will cover copyright as it is defined by French law. American Copyright (©) cannot be applied in France. It is very different from the French “droit d’auteur”, but it can be used to identify the entity that needs to be contacted to get the authorization to use copyrighted material.


There are two types of rights you need to know and respect:

  • the author’s copyright: the picture is protected if its originality is proved.
  • the subject’s rights:
    • if the persons can be recognized (ie if they are not part of a crowd), you need to make sure they have signed an authorization to use their image in the precise context you want to use it in.
    • if the picture contains some type of creation (a building for example) that is protected by copyright : you need to make sure...
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How to find... - Friday 09 February 2018

Finding information about the luxury industry


Luxury is one of our fields of expertise at ESSEC, as shown by the Centre of Excellence Luxury, Art and Culture. Some of the professors’ research is published on ESSEC Knowledge.

You will find here the main information sources available on the topic of luxury, from the web as well as from the Learning Center resources.


The Learning Center resources Marketline, Xerfi Knowledge and Statista provide detailed, up-to-date market reports, both global and by country. You can also find some videos about the luxury market on...

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How to find... - Thursday 02 November 2017

Finding market and brand shares with MarketLine

Finding market and brand shares in a given country or region is essential when you're working on a sector.
Marketline Advantage provides a quick and easy access to that kind of data in its Market Data Analytics database.

Here's how you can find shares:

  • On MarketLine's homepage, click on "Databases" then "Market Data Analytics":



  • Both vertical and horizontal menus list the same informations where you can find volume and value data by country or category. MDA estimates value and volume growth data until 2020.
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How to find... - Friday 10 February 2017

Find information about Singapore







ESSEC Business School operates in three countries: France, Morocco, and Singapore. 
With the opening of the new Asia Pacific campus, ESSEC in Singapore welcomes more and more students. It is now possible to start your degree on the Asia Pacific campus.
Finding specific location-based information that gives an Asian / Singaporean point of view is now crucial.

To do so, the Learning Center provides you with a list of institutional and news websites sorted into 9 fields:

Information on ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

Business and Statistical Information on Singapore

  • ...
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How to find... - Tuesday 15 November 2016

The financial resources

The Learning Center gives access to numerous resources providing financial information.

Unlike the industry report and academic resources, access to these databases is limited. Please check the special features for each resource.





Multipurpose resources:

Capital IQ:
Updated financial information on companies and markets.
Capital IQ is remotely accessible. The user must creat an account when he first visit Capital IQ.

Financial and macroeconomic data with 60 years of history. 
Users can use Datastream directly from their computer. To do so, they first need to request access to Eikon then install it and ad Datastream from the Excel add-on menu.

Real-time multipurpose resources:


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