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The K-lab access is modified during the FinLab construction work

The Learning Center main entrance is undergoing some work in order to build the future Finance lab. The preparation of the area before the beginning of the main part of the construction work started on November 17th. The K-lab was closed on Saturday, November 24th and the main entrance on the ground floor is blocked from Monday, November 26th until the Christmas holidays to allow the work to be...


The cultural artefacts from the Wanderlust Seminar

On October 2nd 2018, at 9AM the Pre-Master’s students were assembled in the GA to kick off the 3rd edition of the Wanderlust Seminar. They were welcomed by Michael Kouklakis the director of ESSEC’s Languages and Cultures Department who outlined the spirit and objectives of this unique pedagogical initiative : “As ESSEC students, you will have to travel to fulfill the various academic and...
Adrian Zicari, professor in the Accounting and Management Control Department at ESSEC Business School


A New Responsible Leadership Course 100% Online

ESSEC Business School aims to train responsible leaders who can efficiently integrate into the business world and can positively affect their work environment as well as society. The concept of responsible leadership has become paramount when it comes to working with others and that is why a 100% online course on this very subject was opened to ESSEC Master in Management students at the beginning...


New ESSEC MOOC: "Innovation managériale en pratique"

Many new practices such as: hackathon, design thinking, co-development, open innovation, co-design, collective intelligence, shadow cabinet, collaborative workshops illustrate how both management and collaborative operations in companies are evolving. This MOOC explains what management innovation is, not a trend, but a process aiming at changing management practices and habits in order to match...
Career development


New Career Development area

    SPEED CAREER QUESTIONS Learning Center 1st floor      Need advice on your: CV | cover letter | LinkedIn  | internship & job search | interview | pitch Meet your Career Consultants: Monday - Tuesday - Thursday from 3:00 am to 5:00 pm  No appointment needed / On a first-come, first-served basis   Find all the books about job interviews, resumes, career development, and other job related...


4 new business cases published by ESSEC professors

    ESSEC professors Laurent Bourgeon, Florence Cavelius and Pierre Desmet have published 4 new business cases, which you can find on the Centrale des Cas et des Médias Pédagogiques :   Evolution de l'environnement de l'industrie photovoltaïque en Guadeloupe by Laurent Bourgeon De par sa géographie et son climat, l'île de Guadeloupe constitue un véritable laboratoire de la transition énergétique...


Cairn offer is expanding!

Ebooks (in French) from the “Economy and Management” and “Sociology - ethnology - demography” collections are now available on Cairn! Cairn is an academic database providing access to full text articles from French journals and ebooks in humanities, social sciences, and management science.


iMagination Week Global BBA 2018

    From 27 to 31 August, iMagination Week will once again welcome the 400 3rd year students of the Global BBA. These 5 days will allow them to take height with conferences of experts of arts and sciences, who will be able to inspire them, stimulate their imagination and perhaps shake up the received ideas.  In parallel, it will also be an opportunity for them to apply creativity methods directly...
Students in the Learning Center


New at ESSEC?

  The Essec Learning Center provides you with a full set of services and information resources.  Follow the tutorial to get the most out of them during your studies!  


K-lab website use: the survey's results

Here are the results of the survey led by the K-lab in May 2018 concerning the K-lab website use made by students and participants.Thank you to everybody who took part in this survey!