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A New Responsible Leadership Course 100% Online

ESSEC Business School aims to train responsible leaders who can efficiently integrate into the business world and can positively affect their work environment as well as society. The concept of responsible leadership has become paramount when it comes to working with others and that is why a 100% online course on this very subject was opened to ESSEC Master in Management students at the beginning of the academic year.


This course, taught in English by Adrian Zicari, professor in the Accounting and Management Control Department and Director of the Management and Society Center of Excellence (CEMAS), has been fully digitized

Several ESSEC professors/researchers participated in the creation of the course including Emmanuelle Le Nagard, Karoline Strauss, Stefan Groschl, Herve Bourdais and Anne-Claire Pache. In addition, the course also benefits from the contribution of several ESSEC professors who were interviewed regarding their more recent research. 

Students can follow the course at their own pace, nevertheless Professor Zicari holds simultaneous evaluation sessions with the students at key moments of the course.

This year, the course is offered as an option to 40 students per term. Next year, it will become mandatory for all Master in Management students.

The course is composed of five sections:

  • Introduction 
  • Clients & Suppliers
  • Employees & Investors
  • Responsibilities towards communities, the civil society, state and the planet
  • When social impact becomes a central objective

This course responds to the educational challenges that ESSEC has set for itself:

  • It is the result of a collective and transdisciplinary work that brought together professors from different departments.
  • It aims to train more responsible managers and leaders, aware that the impact they may have is not limited to the sphere of their own companies. 
  • It has been digitized to fit the new ways of learning with which students may be more familiar