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New ESSEC MOOC: "Innovation managériale en pratique"

Many new practices such as: hackathon, design thinking, co-development, open innovation, co-design, collective intelligence, shadow cabinet, collaborative workshops illustrate how both management and collaborative operations in companies are evolving.

This MOOC explains what management innovation is, not a trend, but a process aiming at changing management practices and habits in order to match growing social expectations and to meet companies new stakes.

The MOOC’s main objectives:

  • defining management innovation 
  • establishing the difference between management innovation and trends
  • getting in real life examples of management innovations
  • knowing the main management innovation measures
  • being able to deploy a management innovation process in organizations

The MOOC was developed in partnership with ESSEC IMEO chair as well as Groupama, la Française des Jeux and Eurogroup Consulting.

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