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New case study by Véronique Buisson



Véronique Buisson, Teaching Associate Professor at the Finance Department, has published a new case study:


Sakura : a Finance Fragrance with a Drop of Marketing

This case study addresses the financial situation of Sakura, a listed mid-market company specializing in high-end fragrances. The financial statements are given for 3 years only. The reference period includes the termination of the licence with Burberry.


As a game and in order to make reference to the world of fragrances, the case study provides:

  • a pot-pourri of blends (financial notions and ratios), 
  • the key fragrances (the fours pillars of financial analysis),
  • the notes of the olfactory pyramid.

Optional work: in order to complement the financial approach, the students can also work out a short marketing strategy through:

  • the company's SWOT, 
  • key success factors,
  • effects and follow-on of termination of licence with Burberry,
  • and core business of Sakura.

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