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The K-lab access is modified during the FinLab construction work

The Learning Center main entrance is undergoing some work in order to build the future Finance lab. The preparation of the area before the beginning of the main part of the construction work started on November 17th. The K-lab was closed on Saturday, November 24th and the main entrance on the ground floor is blocked from Monday, November 26th until the Christmas holidays to allow the work to be completed. Thus, the Learning Center will be accessible only through the Open lab, on the 1st floor
Besides, the book drop that used to be located near the Learning Center entrance on the ground floor is from now located in the corridor next to the K-lab first floor entrance. It remains accessible to the readers who will still be able to return their books when the K-lab is closed.

The work may produce noise pollution, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

The FinLab in short:

  • Seating capacity of 20 persons
  • 40 m² dedicated to Finance
  • Open 6/7 to ESSEC community
  • 12 Bloomberg terminals and 2 regular computers
  • Financial continuous information feed