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iMagination Week Grande Ecole 2018

Ever since it was launched in 2012, the purpose of iMagination Week has been to raise ESSEC students’ awareness on the subjects of creativity and imagination, in order to train decision-makers who are as free as they are responsible, as imaginative as they are realistic, capable of producing ideas and actions which are truly innovative. Above all, our goal is to encourage you to go beyond your limits, to overcome your prejudices, to change your habits and to challenge what you take for granted.

This seventh edition of iMagination Week focuses on the notion of progress with its theme: “How far can progress lead us?” This week will be the opportunity for you to reflect on how you perceive the continuous thrive for progress and improvement to which you are exposed every day as an individual and that defines our collective ambition for the future.

The Learning Center selected for you some documents about the topics that will be discussed this week. The selection will be on display at the Learning Center on the first floor near the stairs, and of course you can borrow any document you like!


You can also take a look at our journals and magazines, online or print, and at our ebooks!

And of course, the reference desk is always here to help you with your project. Feel free to ask us for personalised advice: which resources are best to find a specific type of information, how to chose keywords, how to know if a source is reliable and how to cite it… We have the answer to all of these questions and much more! You can also contact us through email, phone or chat.

Part of the first floor of the Learning Center will be reserved for group work.

This year, an app has been developped in order to increase interaction during the week (download it on the AppStore or Google Play). It gives you access to the schedule, program, speakers, and assessments for the final group project. Students will use this app to interact during the conferences and workshops. They can react to live conferences, participate to survey and give feedbacks about the event. The use of the application is mandatory for students during the seminar as they will receive notifications from their tutor during the Week, and it will contain important information about the agenda.

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