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Exhibition : the cultural artefacts from the Wanderlust seminar


During the Wanderlust seminar organised by the Department of Languages and Cultures, the 415 pre-master students have created cultural artefacts, which you can now discover at the Learning Center!



The Wanderlust seminar took place in October 2017, and had three goals

  • Sensitize students to the themes of travel, exploration and the challenges of what it means to live life away from home. Expatriation, culture shock, migratory movements, diasporic experiences will be some of the main themes examined.
  • Enable students to reflect upon different facets of internationalization, acquire a conceptual framework to specific themes and challenges relating to the crossing of borders and project themselves in an increasingly complex and fluid international environment.
  • Offer a unique and meaningful learning experience to the entire incoming class of 2017 which would widen and deepen students' international and cultural perspective, combining a sense of team spirit with a rich variety of original task-based activities under the guidance of an international team of teacher-facilitators.

Broadly speaking, a cultural artefact can be defined as any item created by humans which sheds light on the way a particular society lives, thinks, expresses, represents or organizes itself. Cultural artefacts provide information about the culture of their creators and users. After choosing one of the missions established by the Department of Languages and Cultures, the participants were required to conceptualize, create and exhibit one or several cultural artefacts such as scrapbooks, travel journals, short films, stands, maps, miniature models, posters, digital immersive story-telling or time capsules, etc. 

Come and check them out at the Learning Center!




“Great Experience! Wanderlust was a unique opportunity to explore Paris with people we hardly knew before, to share amazing experiences with them and to go wild: as astonishing as it may sound, we even rode the metro line 3bis. Yes, you heard well. Bring it on, World, we’re ready now.”- David Gaudin

"The Wanderlust experience is very incredible. You have the possibility to discover the environment you live in and to see it from another (and completely different) point of view. You have the privilege to make your feelings embrace the world, that is to say to let your imagination spread and lead you. I encourage any future student to take this experience into account not just to get good marks but in order to get precious moments you will never forget. I am Hichâm and I approve this seminar."- Hichâm Ben Chaïb

"Dear fellow traveller, I was in your position last year and I also asked myself: What on earth is this Wanderlust Seminar?! Let me assure you, it's the most exciting thing that you will do during your first semester but on one condition: You need to be really involved in the seminar and play the game. Be tempted to create a truly innovative and creative artefact: meet people, visit places, meet strangers, meet locals, meet policemen, meet firefighters and let them all be part of your experience. The more you give, the more you will receive from this seminar. Enjoy your journey because it's part of the destination. Best regards, Andrew Stul. P.S. There is a little enigma in the text for wanderlust"- Marc Ayoub

“Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed the Wanderlust seminar. Even though we had not enough time to develop a real case study on street art, this experience was enlightening. What I enjoyed most was going out there and discovering what Parisian street art was about thanks to random encounters along the way. Thus, I had to step out of my comfort zone to confront my prejudices to reality and develop my judgment. For instance, I found out that street art is more and more regulated, even standardized. In the end, this experience has rekindled my curiosity, my desire to meet people, my yearn to constantly learn and grow. Inspired by this experience, my friends and I decided to look for and explore Parisian places where we weren’t used to going. I loved looking for ideas and organizing our trip but also adapting to the circumstances on the spot."- Marianne Dehay Armesse

“A mí me gustó la posibilidad de descubrir un barrio que yo ya conocía bien antes de elegir la misión (Arte Callejero). Pude encontrar a los habitantes del barrio y compartir momentos muy agradables con ellos. Tuve también la posibilidad de observar obras increíbles en los muros de diferentes barrios, especialmente las que se encuentran cerca del Canal Saint-Martin."- Mickaël

“Me llamo Onaïssa, estoy en primer año Pré-master y acabo de terminar de cursar el Seminario Wanderlust. Durante esta experiencia, el proyecto que escogí fue el descubrimiento de un barrio muy atípico y multicultural de París (Quartier des Epinettes). Cuando empecé con el proyecto no comprendía bien lo que podía aportarme, pero con el pasar de los días me fue quedando claro. Este seminario permite descubrir lugares o historias muy particulares donde las culturas se mezclan. Fue realmente una experiencia muy interesante que yo recomiendo a todos.” - Onaïssa Belghazi