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ESSEC Management Game 360° - The first management training in virtual reality





On Friday, February 16, managers from the French company Orano experimented, on our CNIT campus, the first virtual reality (VR) training in Operational management basics: the Management Game 360°.

This new pedagogical product is based both on Jean-Marie Peretti’s and David Autissier’s research, within the ESSEC Chair of Change Management and the ESSEC Chair of Managerial Innovation & Operational Excellence, and on the K-lab expertise in digital and pedagogical content production.

This 100% ESSEC production was initiated in June 2017 and realized in delivery mode.This was a great opportunity for ESSEC to demonstrate its ability to innovate by exploring VR possibilities in the development of behavioral skills.

The project enabled the K-lab to build new skills and gain experience in the field of content production: writing, 360° realization and editing, VR interactivity. This in-house expertise now opens the door to the development of new pedagogical productions of this kind within ESSEC.

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Management Game presentation at the Managerial innovation campus