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A new teamwork room available in the Learning Center

The B22 teamwork room used to be the place where students could access financial databases, but with the opening of the FinLab, we had to refurbish the room. After a few weeks of work, the B22 is now equipped with brand new furniture: 9 high-position seats, a big high table, and a 75" HDMI screen. You can book the space with Affluences.  The B18 staff meeting room also features some new...


New ESSEC MOOC: "Leadership d'excellence par le sport de haut niveau"

The ESSEC MOOC “Leadership d’Excellence par le Sport de Haut Niveau” offers a brand new look at leadership. It defines leadership through the testimonies of top athletes (Michaël Jeremiasz, Florence Masnada, Sarah Ourahmoune, Florian Rousseau, Lilian Thuram) with analyses by Guy Ontanon (national coach for relays and sprint).  Five components of leadership emerge from the experience of these...


Discovery, the new global search interface is now online!

The K-lab has been working hard for several months to modernize its documentary information system. This project was fueled by the team's strong desire to benefit from a more efficient work tool, but also to offer its users an improved experience. From the user’s perspective, the main change is the new global search interface called Discovery which facilitates the access to all documentary...


K-lab spaces use in 2019: the survey's results

Here are the results of the survey led by the K-lab in spring 2019 concerning the K-lab spaces. Indeed, 2018 and early 2019 were full of changes with the refurbishment of the Open lab and Learning lab and the creation of the FinLab. We needed some feedbacks from our users! Thank you to everybody who took part in this survey! 


The K-lab will soon launch its new global Discovery search tool!

The K-lab's information services team is currently working on modernizing its information system. This includes, among other things, a new interface for the book catalogue and access to a global search engine called Discovery. Thanks to this new catalogue, in addition to being able to renew and book your loans remotely, you will now have access to your loan history, and it will also be possible...
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Summer loans 2019

From now until Friday, July 19, you can keep the documents you borrow until October. Take the opportunity to fill up with novels, comics or DVDs for this summer!   The opening hours will change starting on the last week of June. You can find them on the agenda:   The Learning Center will close for the holidays on July 19 at 6pm, and will reopen on Monday, August 26 at 9am. The other areas of...
Visuel site web Going Global


Going Global has upgraded its interface

Going Global is a resource designed to help students choose a career abroad. Going Global now offers a new responsive interface, more intuitive and ergonomic. It allows the users to customize their homepage by displaying career guides from the countries they are interested in. Career guides for American cities and major world cities are now available as well. In addition, more than 16 million...


Over 20,000 learners have now enrolled for the negotiation MOOCS coordinated by Aurélien Colson

  Launched between January 2017 and April 2018, the 5 Negotiation MOOCs coordinated by Aurélien Colson, Professor at ESSEC and Director of the IRENE Institute, have met their audience. More than 20,000 people have followed them to date. These MOOCs allow you to acquire tools and methodology applicable to different fields: international relations, business negotiation... Whether in a professional...


Take part in the K-lab spaces survey!

  The K-lab launches a survey to get some feedback from its users regarding the spaces.  Click here to participate in the survey: K-lab spaces survey - 2019. Do not hesitate to share the survey as widely as possible around you to other members of ESSEC community. The K-lab team thanks you for your time!


Try the new Delphes feature before April 18th

A new feature is being tested on Delphes until April 18. Delphes provides access to references of articles from the sectoral, economic and financial French press. MyPool allows the user to print an article or save it as a PDF directly from Delphes. Just click on "imprimer l'article" to access this function.    Please let us know if you find this new resource useful by filling the form below:  ...